The Dangers of Hay Holders

Hay racks, bags, balls, ALL OF THEM are considered dangerous for many reasons. They will never eat the required 80% of their daily diet from a rack or ball. They must eat hay everyday to maintain good health, including grinding down their 20 teeth they have. 

Guinea pigs are foraging animals, their food should be ground level in their noses. Holders makes them reach up and work for their food, this is not healthy for their delicate spines and necks, and can make it very frustrating for them. (Like when we sometimes can’t reach food in tall cabinets or similar) 

It's been seen that they will and can get stuck in them, and often times the piggies are not lucky to get free. Just because we think they look safe and the gaps aren't big enough to our eyes doesn't mean they can't get stuck, because it does happen. You’d be surprised at the tiniest places they can fit their tiny bodies in! If they want that “best” piece of hay they will push their way through getting stuck in the process. 

The peeing and pooping issues, they are animals and do not live to the same hygiene standards like we do. They know which bits are soiled and they are still quite happy to eat it, it does no harm to them. They eat their poops after all!

In conclusion - Please keep your Guinea Pigs safe and pile it on the floor, their lives are more important than dealing with a little hay “untidiness” 
What may be mess to us, is heaven to them!

Photo Credits: Guinea Pig Wheekly (Katie) & Google images. 


  1. Oh my! I'm a rabbit person but our rescue group does guinea pigs too. I've never heard about this before. Thanks for the info.

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