Bonding Rabbits

Rabbits are herd animals, which mean they are very social. If they have a companion friend of their own they become much happier and may live longer lives. Although Bunnies can be great friends with a dog or cat, it is still a good idea to get your bunny his or her own bunny friend. Rabbits are also “crepuscular" meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk ours, when we are asleep. Having a friend with their same routine will make them happy! 

Like people, Rabbits are very fussy who they become friends with. It is never an 'instant' friendship. Bonding two or more rabbits takes lots of time and patience. The number one key is to never give up, even when you feel it's useless!

The Basics
Learn about the basics of Bunny Bonding. 

Bonding Process
Read about the steps and process of Rabbit Bonding. 

Image credits:
© The Lion Ladies
©Ollie & Henry
©Ralphy & Flojo


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