Malocclusion in small pets

What is 'Malocclusion'? 


Malocclusion happens in small pets including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, & Chinchillas. It happens when their teeth are over grown causing misalignment causing mild to severe health problems. In some cases, the small pets are born with teeth problems. 

Check teeth regularly, sometimes not visible to the eye and needs to be further examined by an Exotic specialist. 

Over grown teeth may cause your small companion great pain and distress discomfort. Look for the following symptoms. 

                     1. Drooling
                     2. Loss of appetite and refusal from favorite treats. 
                     3. Less active than normal. 
                     4. Weight loss. 
                     5. Front teeth incisors uneven. 

How to prevent malocclusion?

Provide LOTS of hay everyday, hay makes up 80% of a Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, & Chinchillas diet. Hay is essential part of their diet to help maintain their teeth growth, they are constantly growing! But hay also helps their overall digestion. 

 Natural chew toys are recommended for boredom breakers, and may help grind their front teeth incisors but toys do not help the back teeth that we can't see. 

• Some small pets may require regular teeth trims by an exotic vet, to help keep their teeth at an appropriate length. 

"Say CARROT To A Healthy Smile!"


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