Veggies For Chinchillas?

Are Vegetables safe to give Chinchillas? The answer is No. Unlike the Bunny, or Guinea Pig a Chins Digestion is much more delicate what they can or cannot eat. Fresh veggies will cause bloat in Chinchillas, which can be fatal. 

Chinchillas are great beggars, but sometimes we have to say no to them. Their diet consists of mostly hay and pellets, but we do like to spoil our Chins with treats. 

Below is a list of some healthy treats you can offer your Chinchilla(s) a few times a week. Treats are a great way to tame and bond with your furry friend, they will be looking forward to "treat time". 

You don't want to mix the treats with their daily pellets as this can make Chins selective eat, picking out their "goodies" leaving the pellets. 

Dried Rosehips - a Chins favorite! 

Hay cubes (not a hay replacement) 

Natural Plain shredded wheat (not frosted) or old fashioned oats 

Dried Herbs - Chamomile flowers, Goji Berries, Hibiscus, Nettle Leaf, Rosebuds. 

Avoid treats containing dairy, seeds or nuts,  fruits & Vegetables 


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