Guinea Pig Vitamin C

Just like humans, Guinea Pigs cannot produce their own Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential in a Cavy's daily diet, without it a health condition called Scurvy can occur. 

  • What is Scurvy?
Scurvy is a Vitamin C Deficiency. Guinea Pigs effected with scurvy will often hop like a bunny, drag their back legs, and be lethargic. If your Cavy experiences any of these signs, please seek a Exotic Vet visit ASAP! 

  • What to give my Guinea Pig? 

  • Fresh Veggies is the best source for Vitamin C. Did you know Bell Peppers have a higher Vitamin C content than an Orange? 
  • Plain Pellets that contain Vitamin C 
  • DO NOT add anything to your Cavy's water! Guinea Pigs never get the full benefits of Vitamin C in the water supplement C drops, besides these drops will make the water taste bad and this can deter a Guinea Pig from drinking adequate amounts. 

*If you feel your Cavy should need additional Vitamin C, speak to your Exotic Vet. 


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