Cavy Cages

Guinea Pig cages. Is size important? It sure is! Imagine if someone stuck you in a small closet unable to move around comfortably except to eat, drink & sleep. It would get depressing quickly. 
We aren't being "cage police" there's no such thing. Everyone who comments about cage size, cares about the piggies welfare. If you don't have room for a huge cage (for example c&c) that is okay! Everyone is different & has their own preferences, not everyone loves the look of c&c cages, but you can work with the space you got and figure out the design and size of a cage setup you like.

 A Midwest cage for example does not take up tons of space and fits 1-2 piggies comfortably. 
The plus side of Midwest cages, you can expand! 
Petsmarts version of "Midwest" 
If you don't have any room indoors, or can't keep them inside you can house Guinea Pigs outside (preferred in sheds or garages away from weather and predators) But remember the ideal temperature for piggies is 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With guinea pigs, cage designs are endless! 

So if pet store cages are tiny, why do they sell them? It's simple. For profit. Many pet stores will encourage you to buy "starter kits" so you will be forced to buy their "biggest" cage later, which still wouldn't be big enough. And the most important thing to know about cages is correct ventilation. Do NOT use tanks or tubs. Pet stores may keep them in tanks but this is temporary and what they are allowed to keep them in. Tanks/tubs no matter how often you clean it will hold in the ammonia which will cause Uri problems. 

In conclusion, always think "Bigger The Better" with your furry Potatoes ❤️


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