Bonding Rabbits: Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips you can do when you are in the process of bonding your rabbits. 

• Rub some banana on each of the bunnies noses, this encourages grooming behavior as the other bunny will want to lick the banana off. 

• Pet each bunny, same time on their heads when they are relaxed or in a laying down position. This will help calm them. 

• Talk to them. This will also help calm the bunnies down by hearing your voice. 

• Place food bowls or litter boxes same side of pens/cages but different enclosure so the bunnies have to see each other. 

• Switch out litter boxes or enclosures leaving the scent of the other bunny. This will help get to know their scents. 

• Offer some Chamomile flowers before bonding sessions. Chamomile is a calming aid. You can mix it with their pellets or give it as treats. 

To Read the steps for Bunny Bonding Click here


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