Harness/Exercise Balls for Guinea Pigs?

  Harness/Exercise Balls for Guinea Pigs?

Many new Guinea Pig owners ask if they should buy a Ball & Harness for their Guinea Pig(s). 
But what they do not realize is the risk these items cause. Guinea Pigs have short compact bodies, their whole body is not built to bend. 


Harnesses seems like a good idea, correct? But they are not a good idea at all. Pet owners use a harness for their dogs, so why not Guinea Pigs? 
  • Guinea Pigs can easily slip out of a harness, even ones made specifically for them. They are prey animals and any sound can scare them off, this is very dangerous as a Guinea Pig can get lost within seconds, this would be scary and stressful for the Guinea Pig and their owner. 
  • Pet stores promote and sell them, but they are not thinking about the safety of your Cavy. Many pet stores sell products for profit. 
  • Any tug on the leash puts pressure on their delicate spines, this can damage their spines.  Guinea Pigs are not dogs you can walk on a leash. 
  • A Harness will not protect them from predators, Birds of prey can easily swoop down at any moment even if you are watching the Guinea Pig "closely". 

Exercise Balls:

Are balls good to buy for Guinea Pigs? The answer is no. 

  • When a Cavy is put inside a large ball, their spines curve backwards, this can put harm to your Guinea Pigs back, and even permanent damage to their delicate spines. 
  • Balls have poor air circulation, it would be like being trapped inside a bubble. 
  • The tiny holes the balls have could make the Cavy's toe nails get caught. 

*Overall Guinea Pigs do not exercise like dogs would, they do not "walk" on a leash and they do not run in balls/wheels. To provide exercise for your Cavy, you can make a large play pen made out of c&c grids, or buy a safe playpen for them. In the playpen should be Tunnels, fresh hay, herbs/veggies, and fun activities to encourage "playtime". 


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