The Easter Bunnies

Easter, the time of year where Baby Bunnies become more popular as "gifts" for young kids. But did you know 95% of these Bunnies do not make it past their 1st birthday?
 Rabbits are often left abandoned in the first couple months of their lives. 

Why is this? 

Many kids want a fluffy "cuddly" Bunny, but most parents do not realize the commitment of having a Bunny is, until the Bunny is in their household. And during the Easter Holiday, the kids are excited the first week or so, but to often get bored of the Bunny. 

  • "Starter Pets" is there such a thing? The truth is, there's not. A pet cannot be starter pet for a child. Any pet requires responsibility of cleaning, being fed correctly, and fresh water daily. Pets are a Lifetime Commitment! 
  • A pet is NOT a toy for a child. The Easter Holiday many gifts are given, a pet should not be one of them. A pet is not something you can toss away and replace when you get bored, like you can with a stuffed toy. 
  • Bunnies are mislead as an "Easy Pet" but they are not easy at all, they are very high maintenance than a cat or dog. They need a quality diet, a large cage or hutch that allows them to hop and Binky comfortably, and daily spot cleaning. 
  • Bunnies are classified as Exotic, they need a Rabbit Savvy Vet, a regular Vet that only sees Dogs or Cats cannot diagnose and treat correctly. A Vet trip includes Spay/Neuter. Altering a Bunny can increase their lifespan, prevent cancer by age 5, stop bad bunny behaviors, better litter box habits and overall a happy bunny not urged by hormones. 

If you are considering adding a Bunny to your family, do some research and check your local rescues and shelters!


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